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Pink Tantra is pure Divine Love as subtle energy bathing you in a liquid flow. It is a recovery of your long lost Original Innocence and with it a happy playfulness of mind. It is transformation from a stress based physical chemistry into the comforting Oxytocin chemistry of Love. And best of all, it is the radiance of your own Light Body Essence illuminating and healing you to be consciously connected to the infinite and eternal Light and Love that frees and empowers you to be the best and most authentic version of all that you can be.

It includes the highest, transformational teachings of Eastern & Western spiritualities refined into simple, child-like practices. Like a flower grows, it unfolds you by the power of Life from within. It is joyous—and yes, even fun—being super pleasurable. Through a simple progression of easy exercises that build upon each other you can track your own real developmental progress day by day. And as the sublime powers of Unconditional Love flow ever more freely through your body, mind & sexually ecstatic natures they melt away old blockages—cleansing, rejuvenating, and transforming your life.

Pink Tantra Relationships

To recover our original innocence is to become wholly natural and at ease in our own bodies—and to respect the bodies and beings of others. In harmony with the divine qualities we encounter and enjoy in our personal practice we establish clear communication with those we establish intimacy with, and agree upon respectful boundaries for the sake of healing and mutual growth. In this way everything can be done in Love and care and healthy growth can happen.

As our own sexual nature is expanded and integrated with all levels of our selves our lovemaking is made higher and deeper, richer in sensitivities and sensations. We drop sexual trancing in the pursuit of orgasms and relax into increasing awareness and sensitivities. Our ecstatic bliss becomes more and more beautiful and connected through our hearts to the eternal creative Source of us and all.

This is the Pathway of the worm becoming the butterfly. We have this potential. It is utterly real!



We focus on the four core principles of the very essence of a full, robust, all embracing spiritual development.

1. SUBTLE ENERGY: We develop a working relationship with the Life-Force Energies within us, starting with our subtle energy body. This is called Chi, in China, Prana, in India, and Spirit in the West.

Opening the heart

Through meditative, conscious awareness of super slow movements we awaken to our subtle energy and practice developing flowing streams of energy through our body. This refreshes us, makes us more alive, and is powerfully healing.

2. THE PEARL: We discover the true essence of our Sexual Life Force Energies, which is called The Pearl of Original Innocence. This essence of innocence and ecstasy in our entire base area is a powerful source of subtle energies. Our developing energy body is infused and empowered with The Pearl and we instinctively open wider to drink it into every cell of our bodies. This renews, heals and rejuvenates us even more . We sparkle with joyous Life!

3. HEAVENLY LIGHT AND LOVE: We go deeper and higher into the essence of our own beings and open to the Light Body within. This fills our developing subtle energy body with lightness, peace, child-like simplicity and clarity, and real, heavenly Love. As the Light and The Pearl mingle in our energy body we become inwardly clean and happily playful, flowing in the creative inspiration of the Source of us and all. This mingling of Heavenly Light, The Pearl and Subtle Energy that is now flowing more freely through us is called The Golden Elixir: or the drink of the Divine Eternal Ones. We are progressively purified into our higher purpose and potential that is born from within.

4. GROUNDING: All along the way we more consciously ground in silence, Nature, creativity, and the service that our own inner Love inspires us to give.

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Thursday Evenings 7:30 pm CET

Most Wednesday evenings at 8:00 pm CET we offer live, 1 to 2 hour developmental classes of learning, sharing and doing powerful spiritual practices together to expand your awareness, sensitivity and joy, initiating you into the higher usage of your subtle & sexual energies in Light and Love. Our emphasis is expansion of vision and awakening and integrating your own inner transformational powers to a point that the energetic processes will carry you forward on your own joyous journey after the course is finished.

You will be part of a small, cohesive group of loving people participating from your own home via Zoom Conference Video Meetings. We will mutually support each other as our own subtle energy powers are activated. We will use many illuminative images to enhance your understanding You will also receive a fully illustrated study and practice manual, two inspirational guided meditation audios and access to videos of each class.

AVERAGE PRICE – 300 SEK (30 Euros)

Includes fully illustrated class notes for ongoing study and development;

two meditation audios; and Video download of the class.


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Blake Steele

Blake has over 50 years experience in Spiritual Development. He is a writer of 15 books; a poet with over 4,000 poems; a recording artist with 20 CDs of poetic works; a photographer, painter, and international workshop leader. He has practiced the union of Sexual and Spiritual Energies for 30 years. He has developed Pink Tantra for the West to make the higher teachings of Tantra, Raja Yoga, and Neidan Energy Qigong available and accessible for the Western heart and mind. He discovered that through an adaption and fusion of The Three Treasures of Chinese Medicine with some higher mysteries of Raja and Kriya Yoga the inbuilt powers and design of our body/mind/spirit being are released for healing, transformation and rejuvenation. His Books are available through Amazon: http://amzn.to/WbbjpK


Contact Us:

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To listen to the mystical poetry of Blake Steele


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